What is white space and why does your website need it?

White space is a crucial aspect that is needed when designing your website

It doesn’t mean that the space has to be “white” essentially it declutters the page so that we don’t get overwhelmed with information and can focus on the key elements given to us .

How many times have you visited a website and have got so overwhelmed, due to how much information was on the front page that you thought………This is just utter💩 and just left?


Unfortunately I still see so many of them out there 😩

We had a client that came to us originally for some social media marketing, facebook ads and google ads but when we looked at his site we realised it’s not the marketing they needed!

They were getting lots of traffic to their site but hardly any checkouts and we could certainly see why!

We needed to make a few changes to there site so it was a little bit more user friendly, with the correct call to actions in place so it was a little easier to navigate and check out and that was pretty much that!

The difference with PCE Social media is that we look at the whole picture and find the best solution that will work for your business, what works for one business may not work for another.

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