To Pin or not to Pin that is the question?

How to use Pinterest for business marketing:-

Have a clear aim 
Pins should always intend to inspire and lead to action

Find your niche
identify who your customers are and market to them specifically

Be in it for the long-haul
Pinterest offers the opportunity for long-term reach and engagement

Use themes
Your boards could be based around seasons or trends, or connected by a common concept

Run competitions
Offer the chance for your customers to get involved with curating boards to increase connection with your business

Know when to post 
In general, avoid posting during the work day. Instead, it’s preferable to post in the afternoon, evening and weekends on Pinterest

Connect to other social media platforms 
Pinterest should be part of a wider strategy so be sure to align your business’ social media profiles
Focus on context – while Pinterest offers the opportunity to market products directly to your customers, you’ll need to show people how it can be used or what impact it can have

Provide connections
Although people are on Pinterest to discover new things themselves, this doesn’t mean you can’t prompt them. Think about what is related to your products and create boards around this content too

Create a schedule
Posting consistently is crucial on Pinterest (as it is on other social media sites), so use a scheduling system, such as Hootsuite, to stay on top of your business’ page activity

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