Tips on how to get more direct messages on Instagram

Follow stories of different people or influencers and reply to their stories.
Take the first step and text or voice message your favourite Instagram account. If they like the question or find you interesting they will respond.

Put out stories that emphasise on CTA (call to action) use the ask me a question button, or just for fun, do a little quiz with your audience and ask them to type there answer below…. which will go direct into your inbox.

Have an active timeline and post relevant content to your Instagram regularly.

Engage with your story viewers and followers by direct messaging them, (don’t spam them) just ask questions like what filter did you use on this photo or where is this beautiful dress from etc?

Ask your audience for there opinion on something. Ask them to comment below with their preferred choice.

Thank your followers for keeping up to date with you and for liking your feed posts.

Express an interest into your subscriber and their work, maybe mention them in your own personal story to encourage your followers to check them out.

Ask your story followers to “caption this” and to answer below… leading them to your inbox, maybe give a little prize for the best answer?

Post a fill in the blank photo on your story that they have to fill out using predictive text.

Let me know how you get on using any of the above tips.

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