Tips for successful email marketing

  1. Calls to action (trackable)
    You can write the best marketing message in the world, but without making yourself easy to contact, it could all be in vain

    Having obvious and easily accessible calls to action means your prospects can be easily funneled into your website or contact forms

    The use of CTAs means you can keep your email simple and direct users to landing pages stacked with more information and sales messages

    Having too many different calls to action can trigger spam traps, but a few strategically placed buttons can be the difference between good click-through rates and watching your marketing flop

  2. Build a landing page
    Creating campaign-specific landing pages means you can simplify the information in your email marketing, to provide concise and appealing snapshots of your offerings

    By including additional information on a landing page, you provide reason to include CTAs on your messages and move prospects through your sales funnel

    Not only can a landing page increase your conversion rate but can also increase click-throughs and engagement from your digital marketing

    Following these tips can not only improve your email campaigns but also increase your brand awareness as a whole

    Finding the perfect formula is never easy, with so many factors to consider, but by ensuring the basics are handled, you can give yourself the best chance to market your business.

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