Stop scrolling and start building your business!⁣

Here are Steve’s top tips:- ⁣

1) Be the answer to their problem ⁣
When people search the web it usually starts with how to do? or where to find?⁣

So let’s use a product as an example:- ⁣

Hair and shampoo bars⁣

Travelling light on your next holiday ⁣
No need to put these vegan shampoo & conditioner bars into your liquids bag!⁣

No waste, No plastic, No liquids, Great for the environment & plant based.⁣

P.S the shampoo doubles up as a body wash as it’s the same PH as your body as well as your hair!⁣

So for this example you are solving a problem plus offering a solution with lots of additional benefits too. ⁣

2) Reach out ⁣
Make use of voice notes and video messaging! We are not in the Jurassic era anymore and sending a telegram or some plain text to someone’s inbox is just…. well boring! and unfortunately usually gets dismissed… a bit like all those leaflets that come flooding through your door all at once, all those ones that are usually attached to the Aldi best buys magazine … you may see the odd leaflet and think ohh I’ll hold onto that……but the majority usually end up ⁣
here >>>> 🗑 ⁣

What makes you and your business stand out is being approachable say hi and introduce yourself, comment on a post and tell them what you think…. build up that authority… let them know that your a person that cares about what they are talking about rather than just a robot sending 102 copied and pastes sales messages…. I know who I’d rather speak to do you?!

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