My Favourite mobile phone apps

Hold on a minute…let me take a selfie 🤳🏻


With social media at our fingertips it’s getting a lot more convenient and easier than ever to do our daily jobs, networking, designing and video editing all from our mobile phone devices!

Don’t get me wrong your laptop or desktop computer is not ready for gumtree just yet!

There are still so many programmes that are fantastic or more user friendly on the PC than there are on your mobile phone, but….. I have found some pretty nifty apps that are great to use from your phone for some simple photo editing. ⁣


1) Lightroom ⁣

This app has been really useful for all of my photo editing. ⁣
There are so many useful options , tools, effects and presets to make your photos really stand out.⁣


⁣2) Light & Airy photography

My ultimate fave preset is one that is called @lightandairyphotog which is really easy to install to your @lightroom app so it makes editing your photos even easier because now all you have to do is upload a photo, click a preset and that’s it your good to go, just press the download button and it’s saved to your mobile phone devices photos.⁣


3) Whitagram

I use this app to quickly put a border around my photos, but you can buy the app outright for a small fee of £1.99 which I think is a bargain to unlock a whole lot of other features like detailed photo editing and adding stickers or text to your photos.


What phone apps are your favourite at the moment?

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