Leveraging video marketing

1) Take the videos that you already have on YouTube and share snippets of them on Facebook with a link for your followers to view the rest on your YouTube channel.⁣

2) Gather some FAQ’s and GO LIVE to answer them. Save the live video to your phone and repurpose it to YouTube and IGTV so this ends up being great content for multiple platforms.⁣

3) Talk about your recent articles in video or live format. Grab 2-3 points from your article so you can briefly discuss them in a 2-3 min video. Repurposing articles into video topics is a great way to come up with new content and more eyes on your older pieces of work.⁣

4) If you’re not comfortable doing live videos pre record your own and edit them down in IMovie or another video editing program. ⁣

5) Get creative with your cover image, you can use this as a billboard to announce your next discussion, product release, event and podcasts etc.

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