Increase your productivity with this one simple tip!

Don’t worry!!

I’m not here to sell you a miraculous potion or mobile phone app, I’m here to offer you just one piece of advice……. And……. that is to simply schedule rest into your daily routine!



But…….. There is always a but……

When i say rest i mean actually scheduling it in to your day to focus on purely something else that isn’t work related.

I’m just going to throw in an example…..

When you are on your lunch DON’T sit at your desk and eat it there…. WHY? Because your lunch time is YOUR TIME!

Make a habit of taking yourself away from your desk or out of the office if at all possible.

Think of this time as your little recharging station to focus on eating your meal without rushing it, listen to some calming music, take a friend to lunch with you and actually engage in conversation (WITHOUT YOUR PHONE) and NOT WORK RELATED TALK focus on something like plans for the future or arrange to go shopping together and ask how there are and about their family etc


Make Simple changes


Just a change of scenery or stepping out of work mode for a while really does make a difference to how you work.

You will find you are more likely to CONCENTRATE on the task at hand.

Less likely to get FATIGUED in the afternoon

You have created a positive knock on effect by spending quality time with your friends so they too don’t have to focus on work or other day to day tasks.

When you give your mind a rest it is less likely to create TENSION or get those mid afternoon sluggish phases or headaches.

There a lots of benefits for scheduling that down time into your daily work routine because if you don’t it will eventually lead to BURNOUT and STRESS which has a nasty knock on effect of other health issues.


Lets make sure we all take that time to REST when we can.

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