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I'm Joanne,
founder of PCE Social Media,
This is my story ... welcome :)

So where and when did PCE Social Media all start? A long time ago in a PC and IT services shop not so far away, in Sale, South Manchester, this is where I started my journey.

Joanne Maz

After working for a very long time in sales and customer liaison roles, I fell pregnant with my daughter Chloe and decided after my maternity leave I wanted to do something a little different with my life......So when Chloe started nursery I then began to think of what I wanted the next stage of my life to be like. I still wanted the buzz of the sales roll I really enjoyed,  offering trustworthy services to my clients, and giving them the satisfaction that they deserve. So my husband and I sat down and brainstormed a few ideas. How could we combined our IT skills and sales experience? they it hit me! I had always been a sociable person and love using social media for my personal needs. It was on this day ... PCE Social was born.

My first client was my Dad,..........The life changing unforgettable phone call that gave me purpose and a direction of where I wanted to go with my life!!

John Nolan Director of Nolan Airport services (2nd from right) and my Inspiration. John originally came to us for web design for his airport transport business 'Nolan Airport Services'. John was getting busy out and about on the roads and needed extra help managing his social feeds, so of course I jumped at the opportunity and researched into the best ways of managing his accounts scheduling posts and running Social Media campaigns for him.

After months of self learning, taking courses and embarking on paid training, I got to grips with the base knowledge, and have developed my skill set ever since. My husband's company 'PC Express' had passed over some of his business clients as potential leads, which I turned into clients. So here we are, PCE Social Media, born in 2012, and with the continued growth of Social Media Management, we are now a team and offer more extended services including Social Media training.

If you want to see how our services have helped businesses then please take a look at our case studies.

Experience, Technology and Value

Helping Each Other

We actively look to promote our clients services to our other clients, we are a community that should share and help each other grow.

Learn From Experience

With any business you learn from your mistakes, and yes we have made plenty, and this has made us stronger.

Close Collaboration

We collaborate with other Social Media experts and we are not afraid to admit it; working together spreads good knowledge, making our team even stronger.

Working With You

Not everyone works the same way, we try and sync our processes so you understand and are more likely to work together to make things happen.

Reporting Analysis

Without analysing your results, you don't know what works for you. We help you understand how strategies create results.

Targeted Training

We target our training so it's tailored for your business. Not all Social Media works for every type of business.

Meeting The Team at 
PCE Social

We are like you, except where you are good at what you do, this is what we do...

Joanne Maz

Founder / Training Manager

Joanne is the founder and drive behind PCE Social, workaholic, passionate Mum and team manager.

Steve Maz

Creative Director / Designer

Steve runs the IT services within the business, he is also the creative mind behind some of the designs and artwork at PCE Social.

Simon Redshaw

Content Creator / Web Design

Simon came on-board in 2017, a true asset to the business. Simon works on the Social Media management team.

Alex Swindells

Content Creator / Social Media Management

Alex join the team in 2018, starting his role as an apprentice, Alex has is a hard worker and has a keen eye for knowledge. 

Sam Varden

Content Creator / Article Writer

Sam joined the team in 2017 and works on our Social Media Management team.

Sue Lister

Content Creator / Article Writer

Sue is a freelance content creator and article writer for PCE Social, we work closely with Sue.

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